What does coaching look like?

“Identify, Learn, Improve” -Jim Knight, The Impact Cycle

Step 1: Analyze current reality

  • By using videos, observations, interviews, informal conversations I will help teachers to identify what is going well and where continued improvement could happen.

Step 2: Set a goal

  • PEERS Goals (taken from The Impact Cycle by Jim Knight)
    • Powerful: will this make an impact in student lives? How large of an impact?
    • Easy: Is this simple, clear, and easy to understand.
    • Emotionally Compelling: As a teacher do you truly care about this? Does this matter?
    • Reachable: Can you identify a measurable outcome and potential strategy to meet this outcome?
    • Student-Focused: Is this about student behavior or attitude and not a strategy or teacher?

Step 3: Identify and explain strategies to meet goals

  • After the goal is set I can brainstorm and ask questions to help identify strategies and explain how those strategies would be implemented to meet the goal.

Step 4: Continued follow-up and support until goal is met.

  • We will review data and reflect on how things are going.  If needed changes can be made to the plan.

Step 5: Decide if a new goal is needed and start all over again or keep building on the current goal!

And if the goal needs to be changed or things do not go as planned remember….